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Enterprise Management

In the aspect of management, we do  our utmost finish QCD improvement system for our factory. In making the measures, we comply with quality management great master DaiMing PDCA (Plan, Do, Check,Action) cycle concept, with a special focus on measures of maneuverability, closed-loop characteristic is reflected in process link. At present, we have introduced the management system are:
First,QCD improvement evaluation system is established
Second,Compiled the scene management diagnostic criteria ,Specific including 5 s, quality assurance, improve the content of the eight aspects.
Third,applies a system of QCD improvement meeting. We put the middle-level cadres meeting twice a month, once a month QCD improvement advance will instead.
Through the system and measures, in a standardized way to cure, coupled with the implementation in place, and QCD improvement results appeared in all aspects of our factory has preliminarily.

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